What’s happening in Lucerne

Tod Machover landed on the cover of PIU, the magazine for this summer’s LUCERNE FESTIVAL. Check out the very interesting article about his composer-in-residency that begins in mid-August, and all the new music that he will be presenting (and which he is feverishly working on right now). How about including lovely Lucerne in your summer travel plans to experience some of these events? Links to tickets in the right column. Download the article here.

Beginning Again

From Tod Machover’s Facebook post today:

Haven’t done THIS for a long while! One the projects I am preparing for this summer’s LUCERNE FESTIVALis a full-evening performance of my HYPERSTRING TRILOGY. I am making revisions to the solo and electronic parts, so had to prepare a new version of BEGIN AGAIN AGAIN… this week for wonderful cellist Mariel Roberts, who will be performing it in Lucerne. With all my other Lucerne projects, I didn‘t have time to re-copy everything from scratch, so literally did a paste-up combining beautiful printed score (from the “Norton Scores” edition), vintage 1990’s computer manuscript, and elements from my original handwritten manuscript. Haven’t done a paste-up like this – scissors, rubber cement, and White-Out included – since Juilliard days, so it felt quite nostalgic; I remembered how much I used to enjoy the physicality and craftsmanship of preparing scores like this. I ran into good friend and great pianist Marc-André Hamelin at the local Staples store, and he immediately saw the humor in the situation…..my literally glueing together such a hi-tech and forwarding-looking piece. You do what you have to:)

MIT students interview Tod Machover

Two MIT undergrads, Chantine Akiyama and Sue Liang, did this interview with Tod Machover about his SYMPHONY IN D project. It’s fun and refreshing, and conveys their perspective on the project. Tod speaks about the main goals for the project. They include:

First, the music that emerges as the Symphony must be a piece that can stand on its own. It must be an emotional human statement about a place, and a specific one: Detroit.

Second, the Symphony is a research goal. The creation of this symphony is a great way to develop models where all different people of different cultures can come together and care about each other and contribute something. Every individual deserves to be represented and given a voice, and art is fantastic because you can create a model of how you want society to be. Through this project we can create spaces for collaboration and compassion..

Read the full interview here.

WDET helping to collect sounds of Detroit

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.13.28 PMExciting news that Detroit’s NPR station, WDET, is partnering with Detroit ad firm Doner to help collect sounds of the Motor City for our SYMPHONY IN D project. Get all the info here.

Maybe the call of your coney dog order or the roar of a Mustang engine, what sounds are uniquely Detroit? Share your ideas with us or capture your very own sounds and upload them through the Symphony in D mobile app or at symphonyinthed.com. Your sounds could inspire composer Tod Machover and may even be featured in Symphony in D. For more information visit dso.org.

Here are a few sounds captured so far:



Detroit Notes

The Opera of the Future crew spent the Memorial Day weekend in Detroit, doing activities for the SYMPHONY IN D project. The 3 days were packed and each activity was an adventure: from driving in (and recording audio from) a Grand Prix race car, to visiting the Movement techno music festival with young DJ students, to jamming with indie improvisors, to meeting a pioneer of urban gardening, to singing opera with Martha Reeves (of the Vandellas)…and on and on. Detroit is a city brimming with complexity and vitality, individuality and soul. Tod says “I always miss it when I’m gone, and hope to capture some of its spirit in sound and music.”

Learn more about some of the amazing people will have gotten to know:



New work for organ, voice and electronics in Montreal May 16th

MontrealSymphonyHall_OrganTod Machover’s newest work, “Of Experience,” has its world premiere this Saturday, May 16th, at the Maison symphonique de Montréal. Composed for the hall’s pipe organ, narrator and electronics, the piece was commissioned by the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. The work is inspired by the essays of Montaigne, and is part of a program celebrating the cultural riches of the Renaissance.

7:00 p.m. Pre-concert talk at Foyer Allegro. Host: Matthieu Dugal. Guests: Jean-Willy Kunz, OSM organist in residence, and Tod Machover, composer

Concert 8:00 p.m.

Order tickets here

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