‘Symphony in D’ features sounds of Detroit (VIDEO)

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From Tod Machover’s Facebook page

“I was back in Detroit on Monday where things are gearing up for the November premiere of our SYMPHONY IN D with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO). I met with key collaborators to discuss how the symphony is taking shape and to brainstorm about how to fit all the parts together in the most effective way, and also gave a sneak preview of the collaborative symphony at a DSO gala event…on the spectacular rooftop of the renovated 1917 M@dison Building overlooking many downtown Detroit icons, including Comerica Park, where the Tigers were indeed playing a ballgame while we played SYMPHONY IN D. Another “Only in Detroit” experience. Catch a glimpse of these activities in this TV spot, aired on Tuesday: ‘Symphony in D’ features sounds of Detroit

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Fragment of “Fensadense”

Video from Saturday night’s spectacular premiere of FENSADENSE at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL. This segment (shot by me at the back of the hall with my iPhone 6…so not Oliver T. Becker quality:) is substantial (about 9 minutes long) and goes from the middle of our version of Hey Jude (including a saturated freak-out) through the first part of FENSADENSE. The brilliant performers, all alumni from the Lucerne Festival Academy, are Péter Szűcs (bass clarinet), Jack Adler-Mckean (tuba), Lucia Carro Veiga (percussion), Cecilia Bercovich (viola), Holly Nelson (violin), Emilio Guarino (double bass), Justin Lepard (cello), Michael Mahnig (piano), Marina Kifferstein (violin) and Rozenn Le Trionnaire (clarinet). Enjoy!!!!

Rave review for A Symphony for Lucerne!

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

“Exciting Review of A SYMPHONY FOR LUCERNE – and my composer-in-residence activities at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL – by prominent German critic Jörn Florian Fuchs. It ran on German radio so you can listen to it by Clicking the “Stop” button, or read it here. This is an excellent synthesis of how the elements fit together in the “communal work” (ie collaborative) Symphony, and how my various activities at this year’s festival so fit together to complement the Festival’s vision, to bring in new audiences, and to make something that sounds new and fresh ….. much of it held together by the sound of water, silent and restless (for me, the Lucerne signature :). Will try to provide some English translation when we have a moment.”

From Deutchlandfunk, Tod Machover as “composer-in-residence” (in German). Google Translate snippet here: “Cowbells and church bells, yodelling and children’s choirs, organ showerheads and – most importantly – many water sounds. All this is part of the “Symphony of Lucerne”. Our critic is it quite impressed, but also by Tod Machover, the “composer-in-residence” of the Lucerne Festival.”

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“A Symphony for Lucerne” a triumphant premiere

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From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

“What a remarkable premiere yesterday of A SYMPHONY FOR LUCERNE at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL. We gave a pre-intermission “Making Of…” presentation and then played the new work. Matthias Pintscher and theLUCERNE FESTIVAL Academy Orchestra played brilliantly, beautifully. All of the Lucerne performers who we invited to participate – Der Chor Luzern, the Kinderchor des Schulhauses Grenzhof, organist Wolfgang Sieber, and the explosive Barfuessfäger Guggenmusik band – all contributed to the quite diverse but (I think:) integrated portrait of this gorgeous, delicate, complex and characterful city. Electronics and acoustics blended just right (thanks to Ben Bloomberg’s perfect mixing), pros and amateurs complemented each other as I had imagined, mosaic-like textures and sweeping melodies co-existed and supported each other, and the public responded with a warm, loud and long standing ovation. It felt like everyone’s contribution was appreciated, which is what one always hopes. The fact that a high-quality filming was done by Oliver Becker and his team means that the work – and this special premiere – can be shared with all, quite soon I think. Pretty much a perfect premiere, and a reminder of why we do these crazy projects – to bring people together in unexpected, powerful and indelible ways.”

Lucerne Hyperscore pieces

Check out the wonderful compositions by young people in Lucerne, composed with Hyperscore. Many of the pieces were introduced to the public yesterday by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and have been incorporated into Tod Machover’s “A Symphony for Lucerne,” which receives its world premiere tomorrow, Saturday, September 5, at the KKL main hall. Tickets here.

Here is one of the compositions, “Stuttering Stammering Spluttering Susan,” by Leander Perrez from Musikschule Luzern in Lucerne. More pieces are posted on the project website. Scroll down here.

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Hyperstring Trilogy at Lucerne Festival

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:


Terrific performance last evening of the HYPERSTRING TRILOGY at theLUCERNE FESTIVAL. Amazing playing by hyper-soloists Mariel Roberts.Hannah Nicholas and Colin Sorgi, as well as by a large ensemble from the Lucerne Festival Academy conducted by Clement Power. Brilliant audio mixing, as always, by Ben Bloomberg, and a very nice feeling to have the new, restored performance versions of these pieces out in the world again.

Hyperstring Trilogy is available from CDBaby.