Lucerne Hyperscore pieces

Check out the wonderful compositions by young people in Lucerne, composed with Hyperscore. Many of the pieces were introduced to the public yesterday by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and have been incorporated into Tod Machover’s “A Symphony for Lucerne,” which receives its world premiere tomorrow, Saturday, September 5, at the KKL main hall. Tickets here.

Here is one of the compositions, “Stuttering Stammering Spluttering Susan,” by Leander Perrez from Musikschule Luzern in Lucerne. More pieces are posted on the project website. Scroll down here.

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Hyperstring Trilogy at Lucerne Festival

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:


Terrific performance last evening of the HYPERSTRING TRILOGY at theLUCERNE FESTIVAL. Amazing playing by hyper-soloists Mariel Roberts.Hannah Nicholas and Colin Sorgi, as well as by a large ensemble from the Lucerne Festival Academy conducted by Clement Power. Brilliant audio mixing, as always, by Ben Bloomberg, and a very nice feeling to have the new, restored performance versions of these pieces out in the world again.

Hyperstring Trilogy is available from CDBaby.

Pierre Boulez Day at the Lucerne Festival


The Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra with Matthias Pintscher

Terrific review of the Lucerne Festival’s “Day for Pierre Boulez” celebration in the Financial Times. Tod Machover’s Re-Structures for two pianos and electronics received its world premiere and was praised as “lush and playful.”

Seldom have all aspects of the Lucerne Festival, from its educational initiatives to its big-stage concerts, come together as harmoniously as in its Day for Pierre Boulez last weekend. The world scoffed when Schoenberg declared that one day milkmen would be whistling his tunes like Puccini’s. As Boulez’s Dialogue de l’ombre double for clarinet and tape was broadcast across the railway forecourt and the popular space between Lake Lucerne and the culture and conference centre (KKL), it began to feel as if Schoenberg’s prediction had come true — just a generation later.

Read the full article here: The festival’s ‘Day for Pierre Boulez’ was a triumphant celebration of the composer

Boulez Day (Photos)

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page

Exciting “Pierre Boulez Day” at the Lucerne Festival yesterday, including the premiere of my RE-STRUCTURES for two pianos and electronics. The KKL festival venue was full from noon till midnight, lots of Boulez masterpieces were heard, some “homages” (like mine) were launched, and everything was played brilliantly by mostly young (under 30) performers. The mix of high quality, visceral excitement, and young brilliance gave one much hope for the future of music!

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Composer in residence Lucerne

Reposted from the Lucerne Festival website

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Contemporary music: something meant only for the “happy few”? Tod Machover provides evidence to the contrary. In his Symphony for Lucerne, which will be premiered by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra, he has created a sonic portrait of the city from the sounds and noises of Lucerne – while closely collaborating with its residents in the composition process. This American composer has also broken new ground in the field of music and technology as evidenced by his research at the MIT Media Laboratory in Boston. He has developed a novel composition program that allows children and young people in Lucerne to write their own pieces under his guidance. Machover also experiments with electronically enhanced “hyperinstruments” in works such as Hyperstring Trilogyand Fensadense, his new composition for LUCERNE FESTIVAL Young Performance, which is the Festival’s special workshop devoted to the concert forms of tomorrow.

23 August | Tribute to Boulez 6
Machover Re-Structures for Two Pianos and Live Electronics (world premiere)

29 August | Late Night 3
Machover Hyperstring Trilogy

5 September | Symphony Concert 24
LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra | Matthias Pintscher
Machover A Symphony for Lucerne (world premiere)

12 September | Young – Family Concert 2
LUCERNE FESTIVAL Young Performance
Machover Fensadense for Hyperinstruments and Interactive Electronics (world premiere)

12 September | Late Night 5
LUCERNE FESTIVAL Young Performance
Machover Fensadense for Hyperinstruments and Interactive Electronics

Further information can be found at www.sinfoniefü


“Re-structures” premieres tomorrow as part of Pierre Boulez 90th birthday celebration


Remarkable young pianists Hazel Beh and Andrew Zhou at the first rehearsal for my new piece RE-STRUCTURES – in honor of Pierre Boulez’s 90th birthday – which premieres on Sunday, August 23, at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL. Very very difficult piece, but they already play the heck out of it. Come to the concert if you can; their performance will be amazing and the whole “Pierre Boulez Day” will be one for the history books. Program and tickets here.