Le Laboratoire Cambridge To Explore Vocal Vibrations With Debut Exhibit

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oRb (C) by Tod Machover and his team at the MIT Media Lab, with Bold Design. Photo: Studio bold-design for Le Laboratoire

oRb (C) by Tod Machover and his team at the MIT Media Lab, with Bold Design. Photo: Studio bold-design for Le Laboratoire

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Le Laboratoire Cambridge, a one-of-a-kind art and design center for creativity, invention and discovery, will open in Cambridge on October 31 with Vocal Vibrations, an exhibit in which carefully crafted music and specially designed objects promote new ways of exploring vocal vibrations in health and meditation. Le Laboratoire Cambridge is dedicated to the development of the most radical ideas that transform the way we learn, imagine and evolve.

The exhibit, created by composer and inventor Tod Machover with designer and architect Neri Oxman, both professors at the MIT Media Lab, invites visitors to enter a group meditative chamber where they listen to Machover’s 10-channel “Chapel” composition based on vocal recordings of soprano Sara Heaton and the Blue Heron Choir, directed by Scott Metcalfe. Centered on a single meditative tone, this inspired and masterful music blends ancient vocal traditions and futuristic sonorities, creating a powerful journey that is both bracingly alive and deeply comforting. Continue reading

Lucerne App is out, ready for download!

Check out the brand new HEAR LUCERNE app for the SYMPHONY FOR LUCERNE project, available for Apple iOS and also Android devices (from the respective app stores). It lets people record, upload, and explore audio in Lucerne, and will grow to allow all kinds of contributions to – and collaborations on – the project. Check it out, and definitely tell any friends in/near Lucerne!!

Full project info plus app download links (scroll to bottom) at http://symphonyforlucerne.ch/en/.


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A 21st century opera house for Boston?



Check out Tod Machover’s letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, in response to a recent Globe article “Boston overdue for a proper opera house“:

With a clean slate, with the leadership of BLO and others, and with the participation of the area’s vital artistic and academic communities, Boston could design and build the first great opera house of the 21st century — post-multimedia, organically shape-shifting, massively connectable, an “instrument” rather than an icon, ideal for reimagining tradition while creating explosive new experiences — that would embrace the public, energize the art form, and be a beacon of inspiration to the region, the country, and the world.

Read the full letter here.

Brazilian TV spot on Lucerne Symphony project

This clip just appeared on Brazilian TV (Cultura TV, São Paulo) about Tod Machover’s LUCERNE SYMPHONY project. They interviewed Tod a few weeks ago when he was at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL, and this has some nice footage and sound of what the team did (and are doing) over there. So check it out and practice your Portugese!!!

Slide show from REMIX Summit

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

Gave a Keynote yesterday at the REMIX Summit in NYC, hosted by Bloomberg. Heard some great presentations from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Jake Barton of Local Projects, Cindy Gallop of IfWeRanTheWorld, and many others. Saw many old friends and met new ones. And was astonished at the exciting, fresh Bloomberg HQs building in Manhattan.

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Deutsche Welle on Lucerne Festival (Video)

Excellent TV piece on the LUCERNE FESTIVAL by Deutsche Welle, Germany’s equivalent of the BBC World Service. A segment on the SYMPHONY FOR LUCERNE project starts at 3:40. Check it out – and practice your German – at http://www.dw.de/take-five-folge-4-lucerne-festival/av-17890526


Pictures from Lucerne

Tod Machover is in Lucerne, Switzerland, for ten days to begin work on “A Symphony for Lucerne.” He’s running around meeting many different groups in the city, auditioning musicians and recording the “sounds of Lucerne.” There was a nice notice in the New York Times about Tod’s residency for the 2015 Lucerne Festival.

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