Deutsche Welle on Lucerne Festival (Video)

Excellent TV piece on the LUCERNE FESTIVAL by Deutsche Welle, Germany’s equivalent of the BBC World Service. A segment on the SYMPHONY FOR LUCERNE project starts at 3:40. Check it out – and practice your German – at


Pictures from Lucerne

Tod Machover is in Lucerne, Switzerland, for ten days to begin work on “A Symphony for Lucerne.” He’s running around meeting many different groups in the city, auditioning musicians and recording the “sounds of Lucerne.” There was a nice notice in the New York Times about Tod’s residency for the 2015 Lucerne Festival.

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Tod Machover named Composer in Residence for 2015 Lucerne Festival

Via Kirshbaum Demler and Associates

Tod Machover, composer, inventor and MIT Media Lab Professor, has been named Lucerne Festival’s 2015 Composer in Residence. As he has done for the cities of Perth, Edinburgh and Toronto, Machover will compose a collaborative symphony for the city of Lucerne to capture its life, spirit and culture in music. Beginning August 20, 2014 Machover will be in Lucerne for ten days exploring the energy of the city and gathering sounds and musical ideas submitted by the residents of Lucerne that define the city’s unique qualities and traditions. Recordings of conversation in a bustling café, the sound of water from Lake Lucerne or the many rivers that run through town, a factory or boat whistle, glasses clinking in a pub and children playing in a park, are some of the sounds that might be woven into a musical tapestry to create A Symphony for Lucerne.” This musical portrait of Lucerne receives its world premiere September 5, 2015, conducted by Matthias Pintscher.

Read the full press release with other Tod Machover news here.

Packing up for Lucerne

In a couple of days Tod Machover will be flying to Lucerne Switzerland to dig into his next “City Symphony” project, a new orchestral work commissioned by the Lucerne Festival. “A Symphony for Lucerne” will premiere on 5 September 2015, performed by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY Orchestra, conducted by Matthias Pintscher. Please visit the project blog and heck out the trailer below!


Upcoming “I hear Lucerne” Events

Street Studio with Tod Machover
23/8/2014 11:0013:00

Street Studio with Tod Machover
24/8/2014 16:0018:00

Workshop with Tod Machover
25/8/2014 19:3021:00

Street Studio with Tod Machover
26/8/2014 04:0018:00

A Symphony for Perth

Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea: A Symphony for Perth was composed from October 2013 to February 2014 for Carolyn Kuan and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, on commission from the Perth International Arts Festival. The 25-minute work is a musical, sonic portrait of Perth and surrounding areas, and was created in collaboration with people from Perth of all ages and backgrounds (based on a creative model I developed for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Edinburgh International Festival, both in 2013, designed to cultivate careful listening to the world around us to discover its hidden music).

Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea is a four movement work, played without a break, which conveys Perth’s dramatic geography, the simultaneous complexity and calm I have found there, and the enormous sense of potential and ‘unanswered questions’ that the city and region suggest. You can read more about the ideas behind the piece here and watch a brief trailer for A Symphony for Perth below:

I have travelled rather widely over the years, but I had never been to Perth (nor the rest of Australia) when Continue reading

LOFT on Opera Simulcast

Here’s a preview of this handsome article and interview published by the Swedish design magazine LOFT: DALLAS OPERA’s SIMULCAST – Tod Machover’s Death and the Powers

Slowly another part of me emerges and takes in the
theatre, the darkness, and the spectators’ faces dimly
lit from screens on their laps. I tap my screen and a
graphical interface comes alive: through dots, lines,
and colours I dialogue with feelings, words, and ideas
giving them fresh expression. It does not take long
for a new mode of split perception to take root and
seamlessly shift back and forth from my individual
layer to a larger collective one; it’s like keeping open
two stereophonic channels at the same time.
Trough robot’s eyes now I perceive an ‘inside stage’ point
of view… I couldn’t be in Dallas for this performance,
but following it here in Stockholm is the next best thing.

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