Hyperscore in Detroit


Chantine Akiyama reports on the Opera of the Future team’s visit to Detroit in July. Akito, who is an expert at our Hyperscore software, conducted a couple of Hyperscore workshops while he was there, one at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS), and another at Crescendo Detroit. We also checked in on our Hyperscore exhibit at the Michigan Science Center, where anyone can come and use the software. Read Chantine’s full report here.


Plunging into “Fensadense”

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

Straight off the plane yesterday from Dubai into an intensive rehearsal at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL for our new FENSADENSE project. What a pleasure to explore the relationships of improvisation-to-composition and acoustics-to-electronics with 10 amazing young musicians from around the world. Bach is already being transmuted into something new and surprising, and we’ll be working on a variety of other alchemical processes today and testing a new generation of Hyperinstruments. Definitely exciting enough to ward off jet lag::)) — at Südpol Luzern.

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Xploration Earth segment features Opera of the Future

Fun TV segment about the Opera of the Future group’s work on FOX TV’s “Exploration Earth 2050”, which aired this past Saturday and is now available on Hulu. The second half of the show – starting at ca. 10:00 – is about DEATH AND THE POWERS, the new Sensor Chair, and other music, technology, and “experience” projects we are working on.

Watch the full episode here.

Xploration Earth Fox TV

Paris: Meet the Vocal Vibrations Team

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page (posted March 27, 2014)

“Here’s a picture from yesterday of my terrific team from the MIT Media Lab that has been working on the VOCAL VIBRATIONS project, showing the specially designed “oRb” that lets you hold the vibrations from your voice in your hands. Yes, it’s an unusual experience! Press conference this morning, private opening this evening, and public opening tomorrow, all at Le Laboratoire, Paris.”



The “oRb” from our VOCAL VIBRATIONS project that lets you hold the vibrations from your voice right in your hands.


PBS Newshour on Opera of the Future

PBS Newshour featured the Opera of the Future group tonight. If you missed the broadcast, you can watch it here: Singing robots reflect tech’s humanity in opera of the future

Tod Machover at TEDxMunich (video)

This talk occurred earlier this year and just showed up on YouTube. It provides an excellent overview of the work by Tod Machover’s Hyperinstruments and Opera of the Future groups at the MIT Media Lab. Speaking from the Media Lab to the Munich audience via a video conferencing system, Tod and his students demonstrate the technologies and their applications to musical performances, composition, health and creative collaborations.

WGBH interviews Diane Paulus

Tod Machover, Diane Paula and Natalie (in mask)

Here’s an in-depth interview on Boston’s WGBH with Death and the Powers director Diane Paulus. She also speaks about her work on the Tony-nominated Broadway revival of Hair and the immersive rock musical Prometheus Bound, currently at Club Oberon in Cambridge. We haven’t had a chance to hear much directly from Diane (little wonder, she is juggling more shows than she has fingers on her hands, it seems), so it’s great to learn about her vision for transforming theater.

Watch the interview: WGBH – A.R.T. Director Diane Paulus