Lucerne Festival: Fasnacht Adventure

Check out Tod Machover's post on the official Symphony for Lucerne blog about his recent Fasnacht adventure, during the annual carnival festival that overtakes the usually calm Swiss city. Here's an excerpt. Read the entire breathtaking story here. I had been prepared for the spectacle and the wild masks, but was totally blown away by the …


Plunging into “Fensadense”

From Tod Machover's Facebook page: Straight off the plane yesterday from Dubai into an intensive rehearsal at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL for our new FENSADENSE project. What a pleasure to explore the relationships of improvisation-to-composition and acoustics-to-electronics with 10 amazing young musicians from around the world. Bach is already being transmuted into something new and surprising, …

Brazilian TV spot on Lucerne Symphony project

This clip just appeared on Brazilian TV (Cultura TV, São Paulo) about Tod Machover's LUCERNE SYMPHONY project. They interviewed Tod a few weeks ago when he was at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL, and this has some nice footage and sound of what the team did (and are doing) over there. So check it out and practice your Portugese!!!