A few questions

I had this crazy idea that once I graduated, things would quiet down for a little bit. Finishing college was supposed to mean no more late nights, and definitely no more running around doing fifteen things at once, right? Unfortunately, life just won’t let up, and so I’m back in Boston starting a full-time job and still trying to settle into my new apartment. (The other thirteen things are on hold for now.)

Things on the set of the opera haven’t slowed down a bit either – rehearsals with the principal singers began last week, and this weekend we headed out to Tod’s farm in Waltham to shoot clips from the memory download scene. So I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up in the next few days, including interviews with all the singers, a few interviews with graduate students working on the opera, and some beautiful footage from Tod’s farm, but for now there are a couple basic questions that I’ve been hoping to ask and explore through this blog:

  • What is the story of the opera? What is the deeper significance of the System, and in what ways are the Powers’ lives affected by Simon’s entrance into the System?
  • What role do the robots play? What is their significance and where do they come from?
  • What kind of character is Simon Powers? What is the nature of his relationship with Evvy?
  • How does the music set the tone of the opera?

Hopefully, as we follow the development of the opera over the next few months, I’ll be able to tackle these issues through a series of entries and videos. What are some of the questions that you have about the opera?

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