Photos from Monaco – September 23, 2010

by June Kinoshita

Arrived in Monaco around noon. We were very lucky that our connecting flight from Paris to Nice took off as scheduled. So many people traveling to the premiere of Death and the Powers have been stranded at various airports throughout Europe because of the French general strike. I’m sorry that they missed a day of glorious weather. The harbor is filling up with yachts for the International show this weekend. Some 350 MIT folks are here for the international sustainable energy conference and the premiere. We attended the welcome reception and dinner, which had an appropriately “sciency” theme. Here are a few snaps taken with my Blackberry…

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One Reply to “Photos from Monaco – September 23, 2010”

  1. My son, Tom, is “Administration” in Death & the Powers. I can’t be there because I’m teaching in NY, BUT I so appreciate that I can be there in spirit, and view it through your pictures!
    ENJOY, Mary

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