Machover Makes Playboy List

Hot off the world premiere of his opera Death and the Powers, composer and M.I.T. Media Lab professor Tod Machover has acquired a new feather in his cap – or in this case, a pair of bunny ears. Noted as a “music futurist,” Tod has made the venerable magazine’s list of the 20 most brilliant and innovative college professors in the nation. The Playboy 2010 Honor Roll article in the October issue cites Machover for “making music better through his work creating new technological instruments that improve the sound of their acoustic counterparts.” The accolade appears to have excited the attention of Boston media. WCVB-TV reports rather excitedly, “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is famous for many things, among them having some of the brainiest faculty and students in the world, but now it has yet another distinction: a professor in Playboy.” This should give the students some fresh ideas for futures “hacks” – or pranks, something else M.I.T. is renowned for.

See the full pdf of the article here.

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