Musical America – “An Unlikely Confluence of Powers”

Only a week after the world premiere of Death and the Powers, the reviews are flooding in – and they loved it! Stephen Mudge of Musical America, one of the most important classical music publications in the US today, exalts Death and the Powers’ “rather endearing baby robots,” “fine tenor singing from Hal Cazalet,” and “shining humanity… of this 90-minute exploration of humanoid technology.” Mudge speaks highly of Tod Machover’s composing as he writes, “composer Machover’s music never alienates the ear. His consonant vocal lines are shown to best advantage in Miranda’s heart-rending lament, a crowning moment for Joélle Harvey’s soaring soprano.”

Just as wonderfully, Mudge goes on to laud the rest of the creative team: “I have only praise for the production of Diane Paulus who, like the characters of the Powers family, had the unenviable task of staging a convincing drama where the central character becomes an electronic presence. Along with the ‘operabots,’ Alex McDowell’s morphing design consists of mobile electronic panels that become reflections of Simon’s being, changing subtly in color and movement, controlled by electronic sensors and analysis software.”

High praise indeed! You can read the whole review here.

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