The Sunday Times – “Opera Gets a Machover”

Yesterday’s Sunday Times of London ran a feature story about Tod Machover and his upcoming Spheres and Splinters project with Aldeburgh New Music New Media. “You may not have heard of Tod Machover, but he has probably changed your life, and will probably do it again,” the article begins, alluding to the ripple effects Tod’s work has had on ubiquitous products ranging from Guitar Hero to automobile airbag systems.

“For Machover, connection is the dream, and a game like Guitar Hero is part of a culture of participation. He now wants to connect that participatory culture to a culture of excellence. How can technology help people to produce music that is more than a game, that is also beautiful and interesting? Death and the Powers is a perfect emblem for Machover’s overall project. The side effects are hard to predict, but you might well see them at every rock gig or festival you go to five years from now, or every time you turn on your smartphone.”

Read the full article here:

Read more about the Aldeburgh project.

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