Photos from Aldeburgh

Tod Machover on his recent New Music New Media residency in Aldeburgh, England:

“Testing UVA’s LED light towers during rehearsal for my new “Spheres and Splinters” at Kings Place, London. During the show, the towers were never bright green…..but this does give a sense of their potential. Only video – or being there:) – can show how subtle and beautiful they are, and how well integrated with sound and gesture.” (In photo, cellist Peter Gregson)

Photo by Tod Machover

“A single LED tower glows behind “hypecellist” Peter Gregson, as he plays a very soft, delicate note which is “shadowed” by the interactive electronics.”

“UVA software system for visualizing light array around cello and controlling it during concert.”

“Me, Joana Seguro and Ash Nehru (UVA) after our successful “Spheres and Splinters” concert at Kings Place, London on Saturday night.”

And check out Ben Bloomberg’s great blog post about Spheres and Splinters. He goes into great technical details about how the piece was put together.

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