FAST Music|Machines Videos

Windscreen by Meejin Yoon

Excellent videos have now been posted from the FAST Music|Machines event covering 50 years of music and technology at M.I.T. All of the videos from this landmark conference are available at MIT Tech TV. Some highlights:

FAST Music | MACHINES: Music, Mind and Meaning – Marvin Minsky with Teresa Marrin, Michael Hawley and Mary Farbood

Opera, Collaboration, and (Sometimes) Serendipity – Tod Machover with the team from Death and the Powers, including Ben Bloomberg, Peter Torpey and Elly Jessop

From Prototypes to the Populace: MIT Spinoffs in music and technology – Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe, moderator; Eran Egozy (co-founder of Harmonx and co-inventor of Guitar Hero), Brian Whitman (Echo Nest), Mark Ethier (iZotope)


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