Preview: Scene 2 – System Soliloquy

Simon gradually transmogrifies into The System.  The physical environment subtly takes on many of Simon’s characteristics, moving and vibrating as if he were alive.  Simon’s voice is heard in short phrases and fragments (“Remember. No matter the matter—I did that.”) that capture the essence of his life’s memories, feelings and experiences.  By the end of this scene, there is no trace left of Simon’s human body.  His voice is heard asserting over and over: “I am the same.”

Video production by Paula Aguilera and Jonathan Williams


Scene Two – System Soliloquy


SIMON gradually transmogrifies into The System. The physical environment subtly takes on many of his characteristics, moving and vibrating as if it were alive.


SIMON [muttering, half-whispered, sound collage, words peak out of unintelligibility]
Nearer… ardor…
Closer… higher…
Search-it… circuit…
Memory tempered,
Torturous choir:
Disassembled, afire,
No matter the matter—
I did that.
I am the same.

The name and the matter,
Touch and desire.
Doing, undoing
Dissemble the fire.
Remember: I did that.
Much in a wire.
The closer the harder
What was the matter?
Scorched in a circle,
Encumbered, remember:
I am the same.

The memory chamber
Touch too much, too
Much unremembered
As I drew nearer.
Touch not enough
To the light expiring
That matter encumbered.
Remembered assembly,
Circle of touch, torch
Lighting the chamber
Where I am the same.

Touch and desire
Disassembled memory
As I draw nearer
Over and over and over….
Couched in a wire
Closer and higher
Search it in the circuit
Disassembled, afire,
Resembled ensemble
Assembled entire,
Trembling to attain
A semblance of fire.

Remember memory:
Remember whatever I did
I did that and
I am the same.


By the end of the scene, there is no trace left of Simon’s human body.

To be continued…

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2 Replies to “Preview: Scene 2 – System Soliloquy”

    1. I hope you’re joking! Or are you trying to discourage us from putting material online? The whole point of this work is that no digital version can compare with the impact of a live presence. People go to the theater to see extraordinary artists in the flesh, feel the vibration of the human voice and instruments – here enhanced by an amazing surround sound system – and to be transported in a way that just doesn’t happen from watching your laptop monitor. Cheers!

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