Boston Globe Review – Discuss!

The Boston Globe’s review of Death and the Powers should generate some conversation! Critic Jeremy Eichler offered high praise for most aspects of the production: “Much of Machover’s music, his soaring vocal writing, and especially some of his sculpted electronic soundscapes, are highly imaginative and quite compelling. Robert Pinsky’s libretto is often deft, and the production, directed by Diane Paulus with choreography by Karole Armitage, is often visually stunning, especially with the digital virtuosity delivered here through technologies developed over several years at the MIT Media Lab. The custom sound system, too, is something to behold.”

But, he went on, “At the same time, the work’s basic story — credited to Pinsky and Randy Weiner — is bizarre and exaggerated enough to almost completely muffle the resonance of the opera’s highly emotional material. Much more energy seems to have gone into erecting its fantastical world than building the bridges that might allow us to feel drawn into the plight of its characters, to care much about their choices.”

We probably can’t be objective, try as we might. We know the work too well. Through our eyes and ears, the opera delivers a visceral emotional impact throughout, especially in the wrenching final scene between Simon and Miranda. Did you go see the opera? What do you think?

Read the full review in the Boston Globe –  Second Life: ‘Death and the Powers’ from ART

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