…And it’s a wrap – Farewell to Chicago

We can’t thank Brian Dickie and his amazing team at Chicago Opera Theater enough for their years of support and faith in Death and the Powers. They did a fantastic job and the Chicago audiences were wonderful. We will cherish this experience. In his blog post about the end of the Chicago run, Brian writes, “…I can not believe that this is the end.  I will certainly be doing whatever I can to encourage further performances.  It needs to be seen everywhere that music and theater are alive and well.” We have our fingers and toes crossed for future performances too…


Emily Albrink (Evvy) David Kravitz (The United Nations) and Allegra Libonati (Assistant Director). Photo by Brian Dickie.



Here are the latest press and media articles and reviews. Check “Buzz” for a complete list.

beyondwords – Death and the Powers – {Part 3}
“Like religious stories that wear very little with time, Death and the Powers is a durable parable and functions, in the robot’s future society, like Christian oratorios in ours. That is, it brings up more questions and doesn’t give easy answers. The future is coming, and with it comes a whole host of legal, ethical, and spiritual quandaries.”

Examiner – Concert Review: Chicago Opera Theater’s Death and the Powers is magnificent
“If you have the opportunity to experience Death and the Powers, then do so. You won’t regret it. The contemporary opera is accessible, thought-provoking, and a 21st century masterpiece.”

Medill Reports – ‘Death and the Powers’ takes operatic look at immortality
“If you leave a digital legacy behind, will your loved ones find comfort in your presence, or feel compelled to follow? When one goes, will we all join the virtual exodus?”

Chicago Tonight – WTTW – March 31, 2011.
Tod explains what he’s doing with that iPad during the show. No, he’s not playing Angry Birds! And he talks about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as the inspiration for his work on hyperinstruments and the ideas that eventually gave rise to Guitar Hero.

Discovery Channel Canada – Daily Planet ran this feature on Death and the Powers (March 31, 2011).

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