A couple of wonderful blog posts…

Just when we thought the Chicago coverage was finished, we came across these two thoughtful and thorough blog posts:

MAL Music – Death and the Powers “This is one of those posts that makes it difficult for me not to just hit caps lock and begin effusing unintelligibly about how wonderful this show I saw was…Watching the show got me so engrossed in the plot, though, that it made it pretty difficult to admire the tech on its own — it all became a part of the story, which was probably their plan all along.”

A tale of two operas: ‘Vincent’ and ‘Death’ “Back in the day, opera was a true multimedia experience, from trompe l’oeil backgrounds to pre-digital sound effects. The use of robotics and other special effects in Death and the Powers gets towards that somewhat archaic sense of opera as a complete sensory experience — it was paced like a film and with just as much action, packed with ideas and humor, emotionally affecting and resonant, surprising and cutting-edge.”

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