Washington Post spotlight’s Tod Machover’s museum work

( Norbert Enker / ) - Meteorite, a temporary space in Essen, Germany, juxtaposed light and sound and responded to cues from the people inside it.

Tod Machover has collaborated over the years with museums to create immersive musical environments. This work is the focus of a Washington Post feature published yesterday: Music museums of the 21st century. “The new music museum of the 21st century is high-tech, cutting-edge, interactive. It’s a place where music is made, not simply heard. It’s filled with different ways to make sounds. And chances are that Tod Machover had a hand in designing it.”

More recently, Tod has been extending his concepts to classical music organizations: “The nice thing,” Machover said, “is that the technology is getting common enough that a lot of interesting things can be done without complicated infrastructure. You can do things with mobile phones, iPads, try something out.”

“Another reason that orchestras are the logical music museums of the future: “Most of them have a home,” Machover said. “If they just would think it’s an extension of their outreach.”

Check out these links on some of Tod’s museum projects

Brain Opera Vienna

Meteorite (Essen, Germany)


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