Superb review of Death and the Powers

Kudos to Jen Gunnels of The New York Review of Science Fiction for her outstanding article about Death and the Powers. This is a comprehensive review that discusses, with knowledge and insight, every aspect of the production, from the libretto, music and performances, to the art direction, stage technology, lighting and sound. Reading it made us want to see the opera all over again. Future productions are in the works. Stay tuned!

Read the full text of the review

One Reply to “Superb review of Death and the Powers”

  1. I’ve only skimmed that review for now, but doing so certainly made me want to see the opera for the first time. I couldn’t quite manage to get to Boston or to Chicago for those productions. Oddly, New York is in an iffier position than Chicago in terms of opera these days. (I’ll count Boston’s ART production as partly a beneficiary of ART’s proximity to MIT.) We have the big company, possibly too big to undertake this–though one can hope–and then what might in the past have been a better fit, New York City Opera, which is still with us but going through an uncertain phase. Possibly the next choice would be the Gotham Chamber Opera, now co-producing a new work by Nico Muhly.

    Regardless, I’m glad to have this NYRSF review.

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