Technology Review: Opera, Remixed

Sound check Ben Bloomberg, '11 works in the “engine room” in Monte Carlo, entering coördinates for speakers used in Death and the Powers. Credit: Peter Torpey

The M.I.T. Media Lab attracts people whose quirky passions and eclectic skill make them misfits in traditional academic departments. Founding director Nicholas Negroponte likes to call the lab a salon de refusés, a roomful of rejects. One such refusé was Ben Bloomberg, an undergraduate who loves pop music and entertainment technology. In the current issue of Technology Review, Ben tells an engaging story of how he found himself at the epicenter of 21st century opera:

I’m sitting in the cavernous Harris Theater in Chicago when an older man with a beard steps up to a microphone. “This project is something that will be remembered,” he says. “Ten or 100 years from now the history books will list this as the turning point, a great shift for the world of opera…”

Read the rest at “Opera, Remixed: My UROP in the Opera of the Future lab”

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