New Music Connoisseur reviews “…but not simpler…”

Critic Andrew Violette reviews Tod Machover’s latest CD “…but not simpler…” in the current (Fall/Winter 2011) issue of New Music Connoisseur. The full review is available here.

We especially appreciate that Mr. Violette sees past the technology to the essence of the music. For Tod, technology is part Muse, part means, but never the end in itself. Mr. Violette gets it. He writes:

“No, it’s not the technology which impresses. What impresses are those non-glamorous, essential and not easily acquired skills which are rarely discussed in The New York Times but which Mr. Machover possesses in abundance: skills such as the ability to create resonant sonorities; a seasoned sense of the long line and the long form; a knowing use of economy of means; and a firm grip on Fux counterpoint.”

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