100 Minds – Tod Machover on Creative Collaborations

To mark its 100th anniversary, Steelcase asked author and journalist John Hockenberry to curate a collection of 100 “dreamers” to envision what the next century might be like. Tod Machover shares his ideas about a future for creativity that involves new ways for experts and everyone else to collaborate. Today’s technology has tended to widen, rather than narrow, the divide between the few “geniuses” and the public, he argues. And “crowd sourcing” projects tend to drown out individual voices in the noise of the crowd. He sees an urgent need to narrow the gap by building opportunities for people of all backgrounds to work together on ambitious and meaningful projects.

“The arts – and music in general (simultaneously so universal but also potentially ghetto-izing) – are a perfect laboratory for such a new ecology of creativity.”

What do you think? Read the post and share it. Let’s get a global dialogue going!

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