Cool overview of Opera of the Future’s current research

The Opera of the Future group at the M.I.T. Media Lab attracts a diverse and highly creative bunch of young innovators. The common thread binding them is music and technology. Beyond that, their interests radiate out to touch on just about any aspect of life one can imagine, from health to games, education and even tango dancing! The BostInno blog just posted this great rundown of some of the work going on currently (6 Ways MIT’s Media Lab Envisions the Opera of the Future).

Here’s a fun one from graduate student Janice Wang, who has a passion for food, wine and tango dancing. She developed “Dance Remixer” software to convert any music you like into something you can boogie to. Here’s Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” in a latin remix. Now we’re curious to run one of Tod’s pieces through this, if he’d let us!


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