Lefsetz Letter from Singapore

On his recent journey to Singapore, Tod met more than the usual quota of intriguing figures from the world of music and digital entertainment. One of them was Bob Lefsetz, an entertainment lawyer whose take-no-prisoners blog Lefsetz Letter is reputed to be the most widely read in the music industry. Described by Wired magazine as “a sort of digital-era pamphleteer,” Lefsetz blogs voluminously about the perfidy of the major labels, the ongoing revolution in digital music, and whatever industry executive, celebrity or artist happens to attract his ire or admiration. This fearsome gadfly joined Tod for dinner on the last night in Singapore and predictably, perhaps, Tod ended up in Lefsetz Letter the next day. Take a look to see what he had to say!

Read the full blog post: Lefsetz Letter – More Singapore

At one point or another, Bob Lefsetz has drawn the ire of major music figures. Illustration by Boneface, from Wired Magazine.

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