Anna-Sophie Mutter visits Media Lab!

A fun way to start the week! We spotted this photo on Adrian Anantawan’s Facebook: “Two amazing people at the MIT Media Lab! 🙂 — with Tod Machover and Anne-Sophie Mutter.” Wonder what they discussed? #EarsBurning!

Tod Machover and Anna-Sophie Mutter pose with a robot from Death and the Powers.


2 Replies to “Anna-Sophie Mutter visits Media Lab!”

  1. hashtag? Seriously? I used to follow this blog because this opera thing was really cool. But whoa, now it’s just amateur hype hour. I’m out babe.

    1. The Opera of the Future group receives a steady stream of interesting guests from the worlds of music (of all genres), as well as technology, business, education, etc. When things like this pop up, we think it’s fun to share. One never knows where the next fascinating collaboration or mash-up will come from. Sorry if our slightly cheeky approach wasn’t to your taste!

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