Celebrating the spirit of Glenn Gould

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This weekend, Tod will join 50 other presenters (from Robert Wilson to Atom Egoyan to Lang Lang!) at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall for an extraordinary gathering of “Dreamers Renegades Visionaries” to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the iconoclastic pianist and boundary breaker’s birth. Check out this terrific article about the event in Whole Note (“Spinning Gould – 30 years after”).

Tod is scheduled to speak and perform at 5pm on Saturday, the 22nd. He posted this photo on Facebook this morning and gave a hint about what he’ll be presenting:

Here is my cello resting this morning in our barn outside of Boston, preparing to travel to Toronto tomorrow for the big Gould event. I’ll be playing the solo cello (something I don’t do often these days, but am happy to do to pay homage to Gould) to “shed a light” on – and make connections between – shards of music hidden in hundreds of sound images sent from Toronto as part of my A Toronto Symphony project …I promise it will be unusual:)

Listen to this teaser from Tod’s montage of sounds of Toronto –

2 Replies to “Celebrating the spirit of Glenn Gould”

  1. That alert seems to be missing a final link, to the “teaser from Tod’s montage of sounds.” Or is it only that the email version truncates the post?


    1. Yes, the email alert doesn’t have live links. You’ll need to go to the blog site to access the SoundCloud player. Thanks!

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