Fanfare Review of “…but not simpler…”

“…But Not Simpler…” is on the cover of the current issue of Fanfare magazine. Fanfare also houses a collection of articles about Tod Machover’s music. Here’s a terrific interview by Carson Cooman that provides excellent background on Tod’s work along with some interesting observations. We like this:

Whatever the next directions his work takes, there’s no question that Machover will continue to remain a distinctive and unusual presence in the world of composition. The word “unique” is overused, but it certainly applies to Machover. No other composer has a career or produced a catalog like his. It’s also hard, if not impossible, to think of another classical composer whose work and research has been so connected with other disciplines and endeavors. Though he spends his days working in the high-tech environment of MIT’s Media Lab (with its new 2010 building), Machover’s home and writing studio are located on an 18th century farm in Waltham. And he makes clear that for all the technology in his life and work, at the end of the day he is at heart a composer who is still rooted in tradition. Like any compelling artist, the creative mix of past, present, and future are in a constant, ever-shifting dialogue.

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