Machover’s Toronto project attracts global attention

Boston Globe. Art by Anna Parini.
Boston Globe. Art by Anna Parini.

Over the past year, composer Tod Machover and the Opera of the Future group have intrigued Toronto’s citizenry with their ambitious symphony orchestra project. Titled “A Toronto Symphony: Concerto for Composer and City,” the project invites everyone in the city to help create the work in ways that Machover hopes will break fresh ground in artist-audience collaboration. As “A Toronto Symphony” approaches its world premiere on March 9, others are taking note. In an excellent feature story on the front page of today’s Boston Globe Arts section, chief music critic Jeremy Eichler provides an in-depth look at the project. Writes Eichler:

Ultimately, “A Toronto Symphony” will be judged…not just for its collaborative process but, like any other premiere, on its own artistic terms. But you can also bet that far more people will feel invested in the outcome of this commission than might be the case with a typical premiere. In that sense, Machover’s model has enormous potential for public engagement around new music.

Read the full article and watch the Boston Globe’s video interview with Tod Machover here: Sounds of a city: A new template for collaboration in Toronto

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