In-depth article on Toronto Symphony project

InternationalArtsManagerCoverTod Machover is on the cover of this month’s International Arts Manager magazine (London-based), which also has a really good feature article about the “A Toronto Symphony” project and its implications:

According to Machover the Internet has opened up participation on a scale that at the moment we can’t fully appreciate. ‘We have a voice through this technology, so all those things exist but that does not mean that there are structures in place to make that work very well. I think that the really critical process that is going on right now – that will mark this period, and which I think my colleagues and I are indeed involved in – is how do you turn that new access and democracy into something that is powerful and rich and sophisticated and meaningful – rather than just chaotic?

Read the full article: Electric dreams: Composer and inventor Tod Machover on music and participatory practice

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