St. Louis Gateway Arch

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

Perhaps the most perfect public monument I have ever seen, far more impressive and indelible in person – because of the site, subtleties and significance – than in iconography. It was Eero Saarinen’s first independent commission; he had worked in tandem with his father before that, and he beat out his dad for this commission. The story goes that the family was seated at dinner awaiting news of who won the commission. News arrived saying the father – Eliel Saarinen – had won; dad broke out champagne and everyone drank a toast to his victory. Then another phone call arrived saying that there had been a mistake, and that the son – Eero Saarinen had won for the Arch design…without saying a word, the father broke out ANOTHER bottle of champagne and drank a toast to his son. A beautiful story.

Click on any image to view in large format.

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