Press from Perth

TodInPerthCatch up on what Tod Machover has been doing in Perth in this article from  The Western Australian. He describes some of the unique nature sounds he has been hearing and talks about an ongoing workshop with school children who are using Hyperscore software to transcribe the sounds of their city into music. Although his recent projects have been described as “crowdsourced symphonies”, he explains that his approach is more of a back-and-forth collaboration than a one-way sourcing of material:

“I enjoy thinking about a big idea and bringing together a group of people, some prominent artists, some students, and to treat everyone as equal. Then to present an idea and just say ‘Let’s look at it together’.”

He says all too often social media is used as a form of marketing by established artists. “Which is fine but it kind of goes one way. It’s easy to follow what somebody prominent is doing but if you want to have a real dialogue it’s probably not going to happen. I’m more interested in a model where everybody gets stimulated somehow and the whole level gets raised for everyone.”

Read the full article here.

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