Resurrection: Act 2 Scene 2 – Finale

Resurrection captures an unusual love story between Prince Nekhlyudov (Scott Hendricks) and the serving girl Maslova (Joyce DiDonato). Though divided by class, their fates become intertwined when the Prince sits on the jury that unjustly condemns the young woman to prison. Despite a merciless justice system that does not allow for second chances, an amazing story of courage and redemption emerges.

Act 2 Scene 2 – Finale

Maslova, now no longer a prisoner, decides to stay with Simonson, much to Nekhlyudov’s despair (“Katusha, you are free”). Nekhlyudov now pleads with her, but although she loves him, she knows he can never really love her as before. She charges him to go back into the world and use his wealth and position to change it as she does in her small way: one person to another.

As the prisoners go wearily to start another day’s work, and Maslova tends Simonson’s wounds, Nekhlyudov walks off into the dawn.



NEKHLYUDOV                      You can’t mean to stay here.

MASLOVA                              I must look at it as happiness.

NEKHLYUDOV                      Do you love him?

MASLOVA                              Peter Simonson is an exceptional man.

NEKHLYUDOV                      Yes, he is, but…

MASLOVA                              You must forgive me if I’m not doing what you wish.

NEKHLYUDOV                      I haven’t suffered. I want to go on serving you…

MASLOVA                              You’ve done enough. If it hadn’t been for you…

NEKHLYUDOV                      Don’t thank me.

MASLOVA                              What’s the use of reckoning? God will make up our accounts.

(fighting tears)

NEKHLYUDOV                      You’re a good woman.

MASLOVA                              I, good?

NEKHLYUDOV                      Yes. You refuse me in order to protect me.

MASLOVA                              (a pause. She does not deny it.) Dmitry… I want you to live…

I want you to be free, free to have a family, children…

NEKHLYUDOV                      But you are my life… Serving you has become my life… You are the only person I have ever made a difference to. Without you, what can I do?

I love you and I know you love me.

MASLOVA                              You can never love me as you did before.

NEKHLYUDOV                      Let me try, at least. For God’s sake, let me try.

MASLOVA                              You’ve given me a chance to love again.

I want to have that same chance…

NEKHLYUDOV                      With you…

MASLOVA                              (she touches him tenderly)

You know I’m right.

NEKHLYUDOV                      (mourning) Katusha, Katusha…

How can I leave you?

MASLOVA                              This is where my life is.

Here, where I’m needed and loved.

Not for who I was but who I am.

Here is where my life is. And here is where I’ll stay.

(she kisses him gently.) Forgive me, forgive me.

Please forgive me.

NEKHLYUDOV                      I can’t let you go.

MASLOVA                              You’ve changed utterly from the boy who betrayed me.

From the man who sat in judgment in that courtroom.

You must live your life, you must do what only you can.

I can work in my humble way.

You can do so much more because you’re a Prince.

Go back to the world and give of yourself.

NEKHLYUDOV                      How?




Do for the world what you’ve done for me.

The world is only changed by one man to another.


What will happen then?


Then everything we’ve been through

Will have been worthwhile.


I thought I was bringing you back to life, Katusha,

But you have made me come alive.

You’ve taught me what to do,

I will try.

MASLOVA                                                      NEKHLYUDOV

Do for the world what you’ve done for me,      I thought I was bringing you back to life,

The world is only changed                                Katusha, but you’ve made me come alive.

By one man to another.

Your faith in me made me smile again.

You gave me love again,

So I could love others.

You’ve taught me what to do, I will try.

I’ll take the first step, wherever it leads.

We have been blessed.                                      We have been blessed.

And now we must live.                                     And now we must live.

One person at a time,                                       One person at a time,

With the seed of life,                                       With the seed of life,

With the seed of hope,                                     With the seed of hope,

We must live, we must live.                              We must live, we must live.

Nekhlyudov embraces Maslova and then Simonson.

The chorus joins them in their march for work.)


We must live on this earth,


We must live day by day,


With the seed of life, with the seed of hope,


We must live.

NEKHLYUDOV                      I’ll go back to the world and I’ll give of myself

You taught me what to do. I will try.

I’ll take the first step wherever it leads.

I’ll go back to the world.

I’ll take the first step wherever it leads.

MASLOVA                                                      NEKHLYUDOV

You go back to the world,                                I’ll go back to the world and

You give of yourself,                                        I’ll give of myself.

You can do so much,                                        You’ve taught me what to do.

You’re a prince.                                               I will try.

You must live your life.                                    I will take the first step.

You must do what you can.                              Wherever it leads…

You’ve given me the chance to love again.

I want you to have the same chance.


We have been blessed and now we must give.

One man at a time,

One woman at a time.

With the seed of life,

With the seed of hope,

We must live, we must live.


Nekhlyudov is left alone on stage; night fades to dawn.

He turns and walks towards the sunrise, back into the world.

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