LOFT on Opera Simulcast

Here’s a preview of this handsome article and interview published by the Swedish design magazine LOFT: DALLAS OPERA’s SIMULCAST – Tod Machover’s Death and the Powers

Slowly another part of me emerges and takes in the
theatre, the darkness, and the spectators’ faces dimly
lit from screens on their laps. I tap my screen and a
graphical interface comes alive: through dots, lines,
and colours I dialogue with feelings, words, and ideas
giving them fresh expression. It does not take long
for a new mode of split perception to take root and
seamlessly shift back and forth from my individual
layer to a larger collective one; it’s like keeping open
two stereophonic channels at the same time.
Trough robot’s eyes now I perceive an ‘inside stage’ point
of view… I couldn’t be in Dallas for this performance,
but following it here in Stockholm is the next best thing.


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