Futuristic Opera “Death and the Powers” Asks Life’s Oldest Questions, with New Dimensions

Just stumbled upon this thoughtful review of the Dallas Opera simulcast production:

Technology is very much integral to the story, immersing the audience in the age-old questions about life and death again, this time with 21st century complexities – while religions are still fighting to win believers with their respective answers and narratives as mankind settles into the new millennium, scientific and technological advances have made the questions more complicated and nuanced. The story is not entirely science-fiction – robots have been used in real-world applications from agriculture to military; bionic limbs are already in the marketplace; Google has invested billions in Artificial Intelligence, DeepMind being its latest acquisition. Along such trajectory, disintegration of consciousness from physical beings, as showcased by the Machover team – so far still an imagination  – is perhaps not inconceivable. The existential questions are no longer just philosophical or theological.

via Futuristic Opera “Death and the Powers” Asks Life’s Oldest Questions, with New Dimensions.

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