Light in Lucerne (photos)

Tod Machover is in Lucerne this week, working with musicians on a new work to premiere this summer at the Lucerne Festival. He seems very taken by the quality of light in the city. From Tod’s Facebook:

Surprising and intense light everywhere in Lucerne, where we are in a fun work week in preparation for this summer’s LUCERNE FESTIVAL. Took my favorite morning walk up to the Museggmauer where you can see the sunrise over Lucerne, its Lake, and the surrounding mountains. Nothing quite like it; all of nature and all of civilization are here in one view. Contrasting lights last night in a Lucerne Festival concert, and in the Südpol where we are rehearsing my FENSADENSE project. Working hard, but – as you can see on Ben’s, Peter’s and Garrett’s faces – very glad to be here!


Here are some photos he posted this morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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