Beginning Again

From Tod Machover’s Facebook post today:

Haven’t done THIS for a long while! One the projects I am preparing for this summer’s LUCERNE FESTIVALis a full-evening performance of my HYPERSTRING TRILOGY. I am making revisions to the solo and electronic parts, so had to prepare a new version of BEGIN AGAIN AGAIN… this week for wonderful cellist Mariel Roberts, who will be performing it in Lucerne. With all my other Lucerne projects, I didn‘t have time to re-copy everything from scratch, so literally did a paste-up combining beautiful printed score (from the “Norton Scores” edition), vintage 1990’s computer manuscript, and elements from my original handwritten manuscript. Haven’t done a paste-up like this – scissors, rubber cement, and White-Out included – since Juilliard days, so it felt quite nostalgic; I remembered how much I used to enjoy the physicality and craftsmanship of preparing scores like this. I ran into good friend and great pianist Marc-André Hamelin at the local Staples store, and he immediately saw the humor in the situation… literally glueing together such a hi-tech and forwarding-looking piece. You do what you have to:)

One Reply to “Beginning Again”

  1. Wonderful! There’s nothing more potent than the the blend and weave of analogue and digital – we live in the continuum of the past as an arc into our future; the two have no value without each other’s presence in the present!

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