DVD Review: Death and the Powers

Nathan Hunsinger/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer
Nathan Hunsinger/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer

The Blu-ray DVD of the Dallas Opera’s simulcast production of “Death and the Powers” received a rave review from Scott Cantrell, classical music critic for the Dallas Morning News. Calling the recording “the most stunningly realized video production I’ve seen anywhere,” Cantrell writes:

The Dallas Opera’s presentation of Machover’s sci-fi opera Death and the Powers, in February 2014, was dazzling, but the opera packs even more of a wallop as a video production. What was impressive at a distance in the Winspear Opera House becomes startlingly immediate in the high-resolution Blu-ray format. (I wonder if that might also be true for Joby Talbot’s Everest, which the Dallas Opera premiered last January.) I’m sure the sound, certainly vivid in basic stereo, would be even more dramatic in the optional surround-sound format (which my own system can’t access).

Read the full review: The Dallas Opera’s ‘Death and the Powers’ is stunning on Blu-ray


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