Pierre Boulez Day at the Lucerne Festival


The Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra with Matthias Pintscher

Terrific review of the Lucerne Festival’s “Day for Pierre Boulez” celebration in the Financial Times. Tod Machover’s Re-Structures for two pianos and electronics received its world premiere and was praised as “lush and playful.”

Seldom have all aspects of the Lucerne Festival, from its educational initiatives to its big-stage concerts, come together as harmoniously as in its Day for Pierre Boulez last weekend. The world scoffed when Schoenberg declared that one day milkmen would be whistling his tunes like Puccini’s. As Boulez’s Dialogue de l’ombre double for clarinet and tape was broadcast across the railway forecourt and the popular space between Lake Lucerne and the culture and conference centre (KKL), it began to feel as if Schoenberg’s prediction had come true — just a generation later.

Read the full article here: The festival’s ‘Day for Pierre Boulez’ was a triumphant celebration of the composer

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