Rave review for A Symphony for Lucerne!

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

“Exciting Review of A SYMPHONY FOR LUCERNE – and my composer-in-residence activities at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL – by prominent German critic Jörn Florian Fuchs. It ran on German radio so you can listen to it by Clicking the “Stop” button, or read it here. This is an excellent synthesis of how the elements fit together in the “communal work” (ie collaborative) Symphony, and how my various activities at this year’s festival so fit together to complement the Festival’s vision, to bring in new audiences, and to make something that sounds new and fresh ….. much of it held together by the sound of water, silent and restless (for me, the Lucerne signature :). Will try to provide some English translation when we have a moment.”

From Deutchlandfunk, Tod Machover as “composer-in-residence” (in German). Google Translate snippet here: “Cowbells and church bells, yodelling and children’s choirs, organ showerheads and – most importantly – many water sounds. All this is part of the “Symphony of Lucerne”. Our critic is it quite impressed, but also by Tod Machover, the “composer-in-residence” of the Lucerne Festival.”


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