Detroit’s Youthville kids gearing up for Symphony in D

Youthville Youthvills_MattAtWork

From Tod Machover’s Facebook page:

In the midst of workshops a few days ago at YouthVille, an inspiring after-school workshop center that offers creative training in everything from computer animation to running a radio station to choreography to music production. Working with my friend/colleague Morris Porter – himself a visionary producer, composer and performer (GREAT voice, like Marvin Gaye, but better:) – we are rehearsing with several very talented young people to prepare them to be part of the world premiere performances of SYMPHONY IN D with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on November 20 and 21. By the end of our 2-hour session, Matt and Taquiyah in particular were totally at ease with my very crazy rhythms, and were adding punch and texture in ways that really made me smile. By showtime, their contribution will be astounding, I am certain!!!!

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