Countdown to Detroit!

We’re less than a week away from the world premiere of “Symphony in D” and the Knight Foundation, which provided a grant to fund the project, has published a blog post by Tod Machover describing the massive collaborative effort that went into creating the piece:

…the community response has been simply overwhelming, from the generous sharing of sounds, to numerous exploration and improvisation sessions of making music together, to listening to unforgettable stories and memories, and to meeting some of the most imaginative, independent, visionary and passionate people on the planet. To me, it feels as if Detroit was the place I had in mind—without knowing it at the time—when I first imagined these city symphonies.

“Symphony in D” receives its premiere by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra this Friday and Saturday, November 20 & 21. Tickets here.

Read the full blog post: The sound of Detroit captured in a new sonic portrait: Symphony in D.


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