Contribute your voice to “Philadelphia Voices” now!

If you live in and around Philadelphia and want to participate in Tod Machover’s newest City Symphony project, be sure to download the free “Philadelphia Voices” app (iPhoneAndroid). The app allows you to record yourself and upload clips to be used in the collaborative composition. The app has received close to 1,000 submissions so far, but we are still looking for more (submit by Thanksgiving to be included).

In mid-November, we’ll be releasing a sister app developed in collaboration with Google, called “Nebula.” This app allows you to navigate a “vocal cloud” of all the Philly sounds collected so far as you record, creating an aura around your voice that will hopefully encourage you to make creative noises.

“Our hypothesis — and it worked, we tried it out in the Kimmel Center lobby a couple weeks ago — is is that it would liberate people to use their voice in imaginative unusual ways, instead of just talking,” says Machover. “The voice is us,” he said, “and groups of voices suggest community.”

This terrific blog post in Billy Penn describes the project in greater detail.


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