Interview with Tom McNichols, David Kravitz, and Frank Kelley

I was lucky to get this short interview with Tom McNichols, David Kravitz, and Frank Kelley at one of the earlier vocal rehearsals during the summer. Tom, David, and Frank play the parts of the Administration, the United Nations, and the United Way, respectively, who come to Simon later on in the opera to demand Simon’s assistance. In the midst of Simon’s family struggling to figure out just what it means for Simon to be a part of the System, these three representatives appear and ignorantly insist upon his return. We originally filmed this during a break at their first vocal rehearsal at the MIT Media Lab, before any of the staging had taken place, so at the time the three of them had not yet rehearsed with the set. It’s pretty interesting to go back and hear their initial impressions after having seen them interact with the walls. Check it out:

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