Final Dress Rehearsal Photos

Last night was the final dress rehearsal before the show opens tomorrow night, and even I was anxious running around backstage with my camera. Though I’ve seen the show from start to finish several times start to finish (as proven by the fact that my dinner table and I sang through almost all of scene 1 during dessert), I still watched wide-eyed and with bated breath. We have a truly amazing show that’s about to open tomorrow night – to put it modestly, Tod came up to me after and said, “well, I think we have a show,” – and it’s hard not to get excited. Here are a few shots I took during the rehearsal:

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3 Replies to “Final Dress Rehearsal Photos”

  1. So happy for your success Jimmy. The ONLY thing I remember from my brother’s funeral, almost 39 years ago, was your heavenly voice! I truly believe it’s what got me through that day at St. Pius V Church. Much love & thanks for making such an unbearable day in my young life, bearable.

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