A radical new approach to live performance

Here’s another excellent article about Death and the Powers from Variety. This one sheds light on how composer Tod Machover and production designer Alex McDowell thought about rendering the character of Simon Powers through the elements of the stage design and the development of “Disembodied Performance” technology.

“Machover sees applications for this technology in large arena performances, like rock concerts, where the [audience] watches the performers on large videoscreens…McDowell agrees that the new art has enormous potential. ‘What’s really exciting to me is there’s … no limit now to what we can measure. The twitches of fingers or breath or acrobatics or position in space can turn into sound or color or animatronics or robotic performance. The implication in live performance is vast.'”

Read the full text: Opera of the future: Robotic and music combo gives audience something new

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