Boston Globe spotlights Operabots

The robots wait for their cues backstage.

Here’s a charming article in the Boston Globe that focuses on the creative and technological efforts that went into the “operabots” in Death and the Powers. The article reveals how director Diane Paulus and choreographer Karole Armitage latched on to some early technical quirks and glitches and used them to imbue the operabots with dramatic personalities. Bob Hsiung, the production’s technical development manager, explains how the team strove to execute Alex McDowell’s visual design using generic, easily obtainable parts. He says: “If it’s technology too specialized, we’re in trouble for the shows. We want to be able to run to Radio Shack or Best Buy if we need a part.’’

Don’t miss the terrific video with interviews and footage of the operabots in action.

Read the full article: Powered up and programmed to perform

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