What’s up this week

SAGE Gateshead on the banks of the Tyne

Check out the updated official Death and the Powers website. We appreciate feedback!

Tod is on a whirlwind trip to Europe this week, giving talks and meeting with collaborators. He’s in Prague today (June 19), where he’ll be speaking about the production design and technology of Death and the Powers to audiences attending the Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

On June 21, he’ll be at the SAGE Gateshead in Newcastle, England, where his opera Skellig debuted in 2008. This time, he’ll be addressing delegates to the  European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) Digital Conference.

For the 23rd, Tod heads down to the south of France for the Cannes Lions Festival, which is billed as ” the world’s only truly global meeting place for creative professionals in the communications industry.” He’ll be part of a session on what the music industry can teach advertisers, sharing the stage with will.i.am. Check out Cannes Countdown: What Not to Miss This Year.

We keep coming across commentaries from people who saw or heard about Death and the Powers. Here’s one posted at high SCORE New Music Center: “The medium is the message in Tod Machover’s opera ‘Death and the Powers’. To quote: “In fact, the communication of the theme of this opera is heightened to the utmost by its highly technological delivery. A fine 21st century example of Canadian Philosopher Marshal McLuhan’s maxim ‘the medium is the message'(5). In fact, should ‘the System’ ever become reality, it may make use of innovations not unlike those developed by Peter Torpey, research assistant at MIT Media Lab and creator of ‘the System’ as it appeared on-stage.”

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