Doing the Cannes-Cannes

Here are some stories from yesterday’s panel on “Technology and its Transformation of Creativity” at the Cannes Lions:

McCann and MRM panel discuss how technology is transforming creativity “Machover said the advertising community needs to take risks in the competitive social environment. He said: “The world is changing so fast are there are many people competing for your attention, therefore those in advertising can’t be conservative about their message.””

Microsoft Advertising – Technology and its Transformation of Creativity – Cannes Lions 2011 “You want to help people find their passion. For people with messages there is so much demand and so much competition that you can’t be conservative. People are bombarded with information so much – you want to keep attention for longer. Draw your audience in. Be bold and keep people inside a message for longer.”

midemblog – and Tod Machover: how technology ignites creativity “That said, advised Machover, getting out of “the pulse” can often help creativity. “Each year kids feel more comfortable with tech, creativity is just part of what they do,” he said. “But you want to have an idea first. I like to encourage people to have those ideas whilst they’re not at their computer, as the computer may distract them from having those ideas.””

MediaPost News – The Hero Behind Guitar Hero: A Faulty Circuit “Machover, speaking on a panel about creativity hosted by McCann Worldwide and MRM Worldwide at the Cannes Lions Festival, said the inspiration that led to the creation of “Guitar Hero” came when he was developing a “hyperbow” for renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma, and the apparatus created unusual feedback, because Ma’s body was actually absorbing electricity and acting like a human antenna.”

The Campaign Brief – The best of Cannes Day 4 & 5 “Machover also had a good insight on the theme of having ideas when not at your desk: “If you have an idea while you’re at your computer, the idea will be limited by what the computer tools allow you to do.””

Photos – From (Mc)Cannes, with love


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