NY Times Opinionator – On Future Performance

Here’s an essay written by Tod Machover that we thought was worth sharing. It dates back to early 2010, before we launched this blog. Tod expounds on how his family upbringing and diverse musical interests converged to drive his career-long quest to merge the best of our musical culture with technology. He writes: “For the first time in my career, I feel as if there are enough tools on my laptop, enough brilliant and inventive playing chops amongst the younger generation of performers, enough ooomph in the iPhone, and increasing openness and entrepreneurship in musical organizations both large and small to stimulate my imagination and allow for the production and dissemination of my somewhat unusual creations.

“But even though these evolving music technologies are already very powerful and increasingly ubiquitous, we can also see their current limitations and potential risks.”

Read “On Future Performance” here.


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