Evocative Objects – “My Cello”

Here’s another buried treasure, a chapter written by Tod Machover for Evocative Objects: Things We Think With (M.I.T. Press), a collection of essays compiled by sociologist and M.I.T. professor Sherry Turkle. Before Tod embarked on a career as a composer, he was a cellist. (During a break from college, he toured as principal cellist with the Canadian National Opera, an experience that permanently cured him of the desire to be a touring musician. But he did get to visit the maritime provinces in the dead of winter, along with many Civil War battlesites in the Deep South.) Of all traditional instruments, the cello may be the most physically human-like in both its size and sound. Although Tod has immersed himself in electronic and computer technology, he writes about returning to the cello over and over for inspiration. Read the full chapter.

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