All about the CD “…but not simpler…”

“Machover’s controlled venturesomeness in terms of rhythm, tempo, and dynamics makes the music so scintillating that “Fireworks” would have been a likelier title for this work…” – Phil Muse

This is your one-stop-shop for performing organizations interested in Tod Machover’s music on the CD “…but not simpler…” (Bridge Records 2011).

This collection of Tod Machover’s music focuses on chamber and orchestral music composed during the last decade, both with and without electronic enhancement. Machover’s music is a fascinating blend of expressive and lyrical melody combined with a sophisticated ear for textural complexity. The resulting music is always a treat for the ears- colorful, vibrant, and rhythmically propulsive. The largest composition on this disc is the piano concerto Jeux Deux, scored for large orchestra (the work was commissioned and first performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra), with the soloist performing on a “hyperpiano”- a concert grand piano which interacts with sensors and computer programs in order to expand its technical possibilities. Machover produces cutting-edge music with a heart!

The disc was painstakingly produced so that it reflects Machover’s exact intentions, as Glenn Gould’s records quite precisely represented what he wanted to accomplish. And listened to as a whole, it represents not only many facets of Machover’s interests, concerns, and accomplishments, but it becomes something more than the sum of its parts, an album – in the Sgt. Pepper sense of the word.

– from Booklet notes by Richard Dyer, former chief music critic for the Boston Globe.

The tracklist:

  • Sparkler (2001) for orchestra and live electronics, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann, conductor
  • Interlude 1 (2006; rev. 2011) – “After Bach”
  • Hyper-Dim-Sums (2004) for string quartet, iO Quartet
  • Interlude 2 (2011) – “After Byrd”
  • …but not simpler… (2005) for string quartet, iO Quartet
  • Jeux Deux (2005) for hyperpiano and orchestra, Michael Chertock, hyperpiano, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann, conductor



The CD was partially funded through Kickstarter. The project video provides some fun background information, excerpts and documentary footage of the world premiere performance of ‘Jeux Deux”.


LISTEN – Excerpts

To request a CD or MP3 of full tracks please email for a download code. The CD is available for purchase from Bridge Records and

Sparkler (opening)

Sparkler (excerpt)

Interlude 1 (excerpt)

Winding Line (excerpt)

…but not simpler…(opening)

…but not simpler…(excerpt)

Jeux Deux (excerpt 1)

Jeux Deux (excerpt 2)

Jeux Deux (excerpt 3)

Additional video of live performances, audio excepts, photos, composer’s remarks and links are available at Tod Machover’s official website.

The CD Booklet by Richard Dyer contains a wealth of background material about these pieces. To request a CD or download, please contact

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