Tod Machover meets a musical hero

Never a dull moment in Tod Machover’s life! Last week, Gary Grice aka GZA/The Genius, a founding member of rap supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan, paid Tod a visit at the Media Lab. Turns out that GZA is a science/tech groupie! Two days later, Tod was visiting the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. There, he had a chance encounter with one of his musical heroes.

Here’s what happened according to Tod’s Facebook page: “Was in Toronto today and had my picture taken with Glenn Gould outside the Canadian Broadcasting HQs named after him. Unfortunately he was a bit less animated than GZA had been:) Actually, Gould was one hero of mine who I never did get to meet in person. But today I did purchase the complete Gould TV broadcasts on the CBC, just out on DVD and on sale today at the CBC shop. Guess they’ll have to do…..”


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